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Spice Girl Mel B Takes Another Stab At A Solo Career

posted 26 Sept 2013, 15:36 by Mpelembe   [ updated 26 Sept 2013, 15:37 ]

Former Spice Girl Mel B talks about her new single "Once in my Life" and hopes the Spice Girls reunite soon.

 (MEL B/ OSIRIS INCORPORATED) -  After an eight year break, Spice Girl Mel B is stripping down and getting back into the music industry.

The artist formerly known as "Scary Spice" has released a new dance track called "Once in my Life," which comes with a flirty Mel peeling off her clothes and worries in a new music video.

Mel B, whose full name is Melanie Brown, said the song is about letting go.

"It's just about releasing all the excess baggage. Forgetting what people think about you and just living your life in that moment for you. That's why in the video I start off in the business suit and I just rip that off, that is just like symbolic, it was a bit sassy pants. Symbolic of just letting it all go and just having fun. You know, doing double-dutch - I've never done double-dutch before. Just reminding yourself what it feels like to be a kid where you don't care," said Mel B.

The 38-year-old has no record label support and has released the song and video on her own.

Although she has been in the studio off and on for the past eight years, Mel said the song just suddenly hit her one night.

"11 o'clock at night I said I want to get in the studio now. I want to get in the studio now, I've got to get in the studio now. So I called my producer Lars, the lady that I co-write with, Gita. We got in the studio and we wrote this song in a matter of, God, under an hour. And then I went into the vocal booth, put down all these different vocals and different vibes and feels on it. And I mastered it in three days time. Did my video like five, six days later and then just put it out," she said.

The singer drives home the message of positive self-esteem in the video by kissing herself, although some have taken it out of context.

"I mean you can do it in like a girlie vibe or whatever. I'm sure we've all maybe kissed a girlfriend a little bit tipsy, who knows," she joked.

"So for me that's what it means, but obviously a song - when you release a song and a video people can take it however they want as long as it just makes themselves feel good, that's all I care about," she added.

While she is enjoying the unexpected buzz for her song and video, Mel said she knows she will never have the same success she had as a member of the Spice Girls.

"I'm very grateful I'm always going to be able to call myself a Spice Girl. And the experiences that we'd had together have just been phenomenal. And that has put me on a platform where I can do something like this by myself. And I can be a host on AGT (America's Got Talent) and I owe that all to the Spice Girls for that exposure."

Recently on a U.S. talk show Mel spoke about her hopes for a reunion with the group and said the girls are never surprised by what she says.

"They're always knowing that I'm going to say, 'yes, we're going on tour next year.' They always know that I say that. I'm the loud mouth that goes, 'maybe if I say it enough times we'll all get our schedules together and it will actually happen.' I mean, we did it for the Olympics," she told Reuters.

At this point Mel has no plans to release a full album, but does hope lightning will strike twice as she heads in to record a second single.

"Hopefully I'll get in the studio and write another good, great song and release it again. I'm just doing it by baby steps."