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Spurlock ponders modern manliness

posted 10 May 2012, 12:45 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 May 2012, 12:46 ]

In the age of manscaping and metrosexuals, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock searches for modern masculinity in his latest documentary "Mansome".

REUTERS / ELECTUS - It's not handsome, but "Mansome".

Director Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary questions modern masculinity, giving viewers a peek into the world of modern male grooming.

At the film's premiere in Los Angeles Spurlock explained why he chose the subject.

Morgan Spurlock, "Mansome" Director, saying 

"All things that have happened to women for decades are now happening to men. 'You're too fat, you're not good enough, lose weight, this will make you better, your skin's not good, you're ugly,' like all those things that have been on magazines are now being told to men. These products are now being catered to them and it's a multi-billion dollar business and men are relying on them to look better and feel better."

The film follows Jack Passion, a two-time World Beard and Moustache champion who is obsessed with keeping his red hued tuft in perfect condition.

Jack Passion, "Mansome" Subject And Champion Beardsman, saying

"It takes me a while to get ready in the morning; I have to sleep with it braided for obvious reasons. When I wake up it's all crimped and everything. With a beard like this, people are waiting for it to look bad."

Besides Passion, a set of other colorful characters share their beauty fears and solutions.

"Mansome" opens with a limited release on May 18.

Elly Park, Reuters.