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Stallone stuntman dies on set

posted 31 Oct 2011, 13:05 by Mpelembe   [ updated 31 Oct 2011, 13:07 ]
A stuntman on the set of Sylvester Stallone's new movie "The Expendables 2" dies during an action sequence while filming.

OGNYANOVO LAKE AND SOFIA, BULGARIA - A stuntman has died and another is fighting for his life while filming on the set of Sylvester Stallone's new film "The Expendables 2" in Bulgaria.

The stuntmen were filming a scene on an inflatable boat on Thursday (October 27) when the accident happened.

Chinese-American Sun Nu O was rushed to hospital in the capital Sofia and according to the Head of Intensive Care at Tokuda Hospital, he was severely injured.

Dr. Georgi Simeonov, Head Of Intensive Care At Tokuda Hospital, saying

"He is in a stable condition at the moment, breaths by himself, sociable, doesn't have complaints, well anaesthetized, but still there is a huge risk for his life."

Police are still investigating the exact cause of the incident.

Stallone and others stars of the action film were filming in a different location when the accident occurred.

Other actors set to reprise their roles from the first "Expendables" include Bruce Willis and Dolph Lundgren.

The movie is due for release on August 12.

Cindy Martin, Reuters