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Paul McCartney's double header

posted 18 Jul 2011, 11:37 by Mpelembe   [ updated 18 Jul 2011, 11:39 ]
Former Beatle plays New York's Yankee Stadium for the first time.

Paul McCartney rocks out Yankee Stadium.

For the first time in his career the former Beatle hit the field at the famous stadium for two sold out concerts.

After two songs McCartney stopped to thank the audience and took a second to soak in the history of the moment.

In 1965, the Beatles made history by being the first band to ever perform at Shea Stadium.

Many say that concert started the trend of stadium shows.

Longtime McCartney fan Claire Gauidomonte remembers being at the history-making show.

Claire Gauidomonte, Paul McCartney fan, saying:

"It was a family outing and I was six-years-old and it was frightening for me because all I saw was people screaming while I was trying to hear the music cause I was so excited because Paul was my favorite. And it was a very exciting time, but yes seeing girls faint, being carried out on stretchers - but seeing them play was awesome."

Fans, decorated with various McCartney and Beatles memorabilia, could hardly contain their excitement.

Joyce Barondess found a vintage "I Love Paul" button at home just before coming to the show.

Joyce Barondess, Paul McCartney fan, saying:

"My button was found today as we were enlarging our house and it was found from the workers inside the walls of our house believe it or not, it must be from at least 40 years ago."

Jamie Moroni came with a neon sign loaded with two offers.

On one side, her sign was an offer of marriage, the other was a more simple request for an autograph.

Jamie Moroni, Paul McCartney fan, saying:

"Hopefully he will see my sign, he saw it at Citi Field, he said no but, you know, he's engaged so this is really the last chance."

The 69-year-old singer kicked off his live tour last month with his first-ever show in Peru.

Alicia Powell, Reuters.