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'Portal 2' big winner at BAFTA Video Game Awards

posted 17 Mar 2012, 08:15 by Mpelembe   [ updated 17 Mar 2012, 08:16 ]

Valve's Portal 2 is named the best game at the British Academy Video Game Awards, as well as scooping prizes in the story and design categories.

LONDON, ENGLAND UNITED KINGDOM (MARCH 16, 2012) (REUTERS) - Stars from the gaming world were out in force for the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards in London on Friday (March 16).

Leading the way with nine nominations each were crime-fighting titles Batman: Arkam City and L.A. Noire. Speaking on the way in to the ceremony the London Hilton, on Park Lane actor Aaron Staton, who plays the role of Cole Phelps in L.A. Noire, and was nominated for best acting performance in a computer game, said it was fun performing in a video game: ''Absolutely, yeah yeah it is fun as an actor, but I am also a gamer so it's fun, I get a kick out of my friends playing the games and being a part of this medium and as I said I think the value of this medium is growing, it's changing.''

Meanwhile Game Director at Rocksteady Studios, Sefton Hill, one of the brains behind Batman: Arkham City was excited to be at one of the gaming world's biggest nights: ''Yeah it's really exciting, getting a chance to come out here and celebrate the game and the great feedback we've received for it.''

In the end the big winner of the night was Portal 2, which scooped three prizes - including best game. After collecting the games third BAFTA, Josh Weier from Valve said: 'It's great you know we brought home those two awards and I thought that's awesome we're so excited, you know it's such a cliche to say it's an honour to be nominated but it was this year such amazing games and I am just getting the chance to play them myself so it's so great to have taken home that award tonight.''

L.A. Noire did not go home empty handed. There was success in the Original Music category for composers Andrew Hale and Simon Hale. Clutching their trophies backstage Andrew Hale said working on the game was a dream job: ''Yeah it's absolutely a dream job because this whole remit was to be cinematic. I mean, we completely approached the score as we would a movie and we were given the freedom by Brendan the game director to do that and you know something like tonight qualifies the fact that Bafta are doing an event like this that that celebrates the gaming world, which is unbelievable.''

Batman: Arkham City won two prizes, Mark Hamill took his first ever Bafta in the new Performer category, beating Aaron Staton and the game also picked up the Action award.

Jamie Walker from Rocksteady hopes his game will encourage more people to play: ''Absolutely, branching into that comic space, I think we pick up a whole new audience of people that maybe wouldn't normally play games and our games are designed to be very accessible to everybody to play so it's not like you have to really struggle to be really good at the game we like to be generous with what we do in terms of design and I hope that encourages new players, players that wouldn't normally play, to pick up Batman games and really give it a shot.''

Other big winners of the night included LittleBigPlanet 2 and Battlefield 3, while the Special Award went to Markus Persson, who developed Minecraft. Looking pleased with his win, Persson said: 'It feels very very cool, I think if I can, as they say be part of inspiring people to search for new game ideas, then that's very awesome.''

Markus was presented his award by EIDOS President Ian Livingstone.

Speaking before the show, amid rumours that the gaming world is suffering financially and that the show's sponsor GAME might collapse into administration, Livingstone said the industry is booming: ''People are playing games on Facebook, all these platforms didn't exist a few years ago and now they are games capable machines and whilst people think it's all bad, the fact is the games industry is worth 50 billion dollars a year in software sales alone. That's going to rise to 90 billion dollars a year by 2014. It's a growing industry and it's compelling, because we naturally play games when we come into this world. We interact through play and we never lose that love of playing games. It's only now that we're happy to admit it that we play games when we are grown up.''

A favourite on the gaming calendar GAME British Academy Video Awards were hosted by Dara O'Briain.